I Rotary har vi flere klubbtyper:


CLUB TYPE DISCRIPTION SUITABLE FOR Traditional Professional and future leaders who meet regularly Individuals seeking networks, traditions and opportunities to serve others Satellite club A «subsidiary» of a traditional club which has its own meetings, activities, statutes and governance Those who want a different meeting experience, meeting form or meeting time than what is offered by traditional clubs in the area E-club A Rotary club that mainly meets online People who travel a lot or whose schedule does not suit a physical meeting, or who prefer an online experience Passport club / Passport member A club that allows members to stay in other clubs as long as they meet in their own club a certain number of times per year Those who travel a lot, are very interested in doing good, want different meeting experiences and who like to meet many new people Corporate club A club whose members mainly come from the same company Employees in a business that wants to do good in society and create networks across the business Cause-Based club A club whose members are preoccupied with an individual cause / major issue and want to focus their efforts in that area Those who want to meet new people at the same time as they want to do good in an area they are engrossed in Alumni-Based club A club whose members are mainly former participants in Rotary or TRFs programs. Friends of Rotary Mainly younger people who participated in Rotary activities outside a club Friends of Rotary Rotaract club A club for those aged 18-30 who are sponsored by a Rotary club and often help with this club’s project Mainly younger people who want to do good or «pay back» to society, have fun and develop on a personal level along the way